Our story has grown beyond real estate brokerage.

We are part of the Retta Group – the largest in the Nordics, yet your most local partner in the brokerage and management of homes, properties, and commercial spaces.

Part of a larger story

You know the feeling, right? When you step into a property viewing and instantly feel at home? Or when you’re eagerly awaiting an offer promised by the end of the evening from a buyer? That feeling has driven us for the last 70 years to help Finns realize their housing dreams. We understand the dreams, know the realities, and have learned to navigate the twists and opportunities life brings.

Every home has its story, just like each of us. Our story is larger than real estate brokerage. In 1953, we introduced modern real estate brokerage to Finland. Today, we are part of Retta, the largest real estate concern in the Nordics. This gives us the tools once again to innovate in real estate brokerage business. As experts in brokerage, management, and administration, we stand by our customers in buying and selling, as well as in everyday living and the growth of construction.

We are here, ready to serve our customers in new ways, more flexibly and better. Ready to meet expectations – and exceed them.

Contact our English-speaking real estate agents – they will be happy to tell you more.